For residential care home owners, and for those running hotels, catering for people with limited mobility is increasingly important, not least because we have an ageing population with varied needs.

For the elderly, increasing dependence can undermine their dignity. But it carries risks for others too, putting physical strain on the professional carers looking after them - and creating challenges for those responsible for providing a safe haven.

The importance of environment
Here at Bathe in Safety we know through working within residential and nursing homes for many years, just how vital it is that the environment is finely tuned to the needs of both residents and staff.

Understanding the world of care
As a growing family business with deeply rooted values, we have built a reputation throughout Kent and Sussex for understanding your needs in the critical role you play supporting elderly residents. Hana Cove, a director of the company, was a carer herself for 14 years, so we really do have first hand experience.

Technical competence
With our team of loyal, dedicated fitters, we design and fit safe, secure and stylish bathrooms for en-suite rooms. We also work with the complex demands of multi-purpose bathrooms for use by the severely disabled who need assistance throughout the bathing process.

Making a difference; creating value
We can make an incredible difference to the lives of all those living and working in a care home on a daily basis, for a price that is recognised to be extremely reasonable and certainly cost-effective.

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